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This is called "At Eternity's Gate" (I drew it after reading part of a book called Drawing On the Right Side of Your Brain!) Van Gogh did the original, here.





Regarding this print, Van Gogh wrote:

It seems to me that a painter has a duty to try to put an idea into his work. I was trying to say this in this print — but I can’t say it as beautifully, as strikingly as reality, of which this is only a dim reflection seen in a dark mirror — that it seems to me that one of the strongest pieces of evidence for the existence of 'something on high' in which Millet believed, namely in the existence of a God and an eternity, is the unutterably moving quality that there can be in the expression of an old man like that, without his being aware of it perhaps, as he sits so quietly in the corner of his hearth. At the same time something precious, something noble, that can’t be meant for the worms. ... This is far from all theology — simply the fact that the poorest woodcutter, heath farmer or miner can have moments of emotion and mood that give him a sense of an eternal home that he is close to.

Links for PDFs and free ebooks -- I have all of these saved in my "Favorites" on Twitter (@DrCherylM) as well, so that people can find them there:

  • A (PDF) that is quite amazing, as it relates to the alchemy of change possible within. Maurice Nicoll’s: The New Man (on the inner meaning of the parables of Jesus)  http://t.co/0BXBFOtm
  • The Consolation of Philosophy PDF By Boethius , written around 520 AD(ish) Amazing book: http://t.co/0rBmewv8
  • I loved Carolyn Myss' Entering the Castle-based on Teresa of Avila's: Interior Castle: http://t.co/v6bIRg3P
  • @MsLaurynHill 's speech(2000) on what "life" is really about, so inspiring!   http://t.co/rNtexIZz 
  • "C. S. Lewis. Lewis described Sehnsucht as the "inconsolable longing" in the human heart for "we know not what." wiki: http://t.co/7p2KRcVW
  • If this resonates(music therapy) Between The Bars: Becoming Your True Self (Dr Cheryl)  http://t.co/WH35uQXhhr   #ElliottSmith #Esoteric              
  • for a complete Christian Classics Ethereal Library-- this site has thousands of amazing free PDFs! http://www.ccel.org/ 






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