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I make every effort to update Twitter daily with encouraging quotes, transformative links, plus songs to help these changes to take place!  @DrCherylM



On YouTube, I created a channel with some of my seminars,  videos, favorites, plus playlists to purposeful, therapeutic songs.




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If you'd like to visit me at my office (in Newport Beach, CA) for therapy-- or set up a remote "coaching" phone session, feel free to call me or email me to check my availability. My email is: 


DrCherylMeier @ gmail.com  (remove the spaces).  

Phone: 949-481-8041

My office hours are generally Monday and Wednesday 8am-9pm Pacific.  I have more availability for phone coaching sessions too.


If we set up a time and you would like to pay me online -- here is the link:

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Upcoming Events

I'll update this when I have new book releases or seminar dates.


Phone Coaching

I just set up a page where you can pay ahead of time for your session (after we schedule it) or make an appointment for a phone "coaching" session with me.


Contact Me

 Feel free to email me or call if you have questions about what I do or if you would like to set up an appointment for therapy.