I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology.

Specialty Training and Experience:

I am a, Licensed Psychologist, and I work at my private practice location in Newport Beach; in Southern California. I am an author, and I have previously been a co-host on a national weekly radio show with the focus on: educating the public on psychological topics, identifying some of the physiological origins of psychological disorders, and integrating faith/spiritual understanding with psychology.  (Basically, finding solutions quickly so that people can begin the process of truly healing old wounds!)

In the past I have worked in a variety of settings with individuals and groups including: 

Irvine Unified School District, Biola University Counseling Center, Solutions Nonprofit Community Counseling Center, Charter Hospital, Montreal General Hospital,  Jan & Dave Congo Inc., and the Silicon Valley Psychological Group with inpatients and outpatients including: adults, couples, adolescents, children, students, families, and seniors. I also had the opportunity to work in the Chemical Dependency & Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program of Charter Hospital.



I love teaching!  I teach Seminars across the country. My local teaching has included training the Lay Counseling Team of Saddleback Church, working with leadership team-members of Mariner's Church (South Coast), and presenting seminars to various Lutheran & Anglican/Catholic Churches in this area.


I offer my unique perspective and abilities that I developed through my previous experience and education, in addition to the training I received from my internship in Montreal, Quebec (Canada).  I worked at the Montreal General Hospital which is part of the McGill University Consortium. While there, I was trained in the "use of language" in psychotherapy. (Your words tell you all about your underlying psychological dynamics!)

I also went through intensive training in Short Term Dynamic Therapy (Davanloo) in Montreal where it originated.

Therapy Style:

I have experience working with a number of different clinical populations and clinical problems. I normally take a psychodynamic approach to therapy. I truly am known for my quick approach in therapy. I am skilled at getting to the core of problems quickly and effectively so that my clients can begin the work of letting go of patterns that have kept them from experiencing the health, happiness, and connectedness that they have longed for.


Dr.Cheryl is the author of Unbreakable Bonds : Practicing the Art of Loving and Being Loved (Baker Book House), a teen-devotional: I Know Just How You Feel  (Harper Collins), and Happiness is a Choice for Teens