Welcome!  I offer FaceTime  

"telehealth" services as well as in office sessions

at this time! 

My name is Dr. Cheryl Meier, and it would be my honor to work with you.  I am a Psychologist in Newport Beach, California.  

When something happens to awaken us to our authentic selves, it is a gift. We are meant to have the fullness of love in our lives and relationships! I would love to help you return to that place!

Besides being a psychologist, I am an author, and former co-host of a national radio show. I am also a YouTuber, play guitar, and sing as passionate hobbies! 

I've been practicing psychology for 20+ years. I love working with you so that you can get to the core of your problems quickly.  Contact me if you have anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or wish for spiritual growth.  I also teach people how to listen to their own intuition, because your own intuition can help lead you to the most healing and freedom! 

You do not have to stay stuck in repetitive or toxic cycles.   You are worth the effort it takes to bring love and healing to these old wounds.  You have the power to bring healing to yourself, so that these patterns don’t keep resurfacing in painful ways in your relationships. You can choose to use this opportunity to change your experience of life to one of joy, connectedness, higher consciousness, and more love.

I enjoy working with all kinds of people, teen to adult: professors, students, artists, musicians, teenagers, parents, etc.  I have experience working with issues such as: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, intimacy issues, couples counseling, writer's block, and much more. I also enjoy, and am extensively trained in integrating spiritual health (your faith practice) with your psychological health (upon request). 


Contact me at:  DrCherylMeier@gmail.com 

I often make weekly teaching videos on YouTube as well, so check me out there! 


Facebook:  My newest blog posts on all therapy related issues, spiritual insights, plus healing art/songs: Facebook 

TwitterI have transformative links, encouraging quotes, plus songs to support your soul's growth! @DrCherylM

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